Alliance Semiconductor Corporate Profile

Alliance Semiconductor (ALSC) is a Delaware corporation. The Company recently sold off the balance of its AMBAC preferred securities for cash and is no longer part of any litigation with AMBAC Assurance.
The Company is currently examining all options and alternatives for maximizing value of its shares for all of its shareholders. Alliance is in the process of completing a 382 study to understand the status of its net operating losses (NOLs). Under the Section 382 rules, a change in ownership can occur whenever there is a shift in ownership by more than 50 percentage points by one or more five-percent shareholders within a three-year period.

When a change of ownership is triggered, the NOLs may be impaired. In order to continue to protect this NOL asset, Alliance is requesting that all of its investors directly contact the company’s investor relations department prior to allowing their ownership interest to approach a five percent level. All shareholders holding five per cent or greater should also notify the company before purchasing additional shares.